Thursday, May 17

This is my 100th Post!

Hard to believe it, but I have reached the 100th post milestone on my little blog today. Since I wrote the list of Ten Ways Personal Finance Blogging has Helped Me a couple days ago I don't think I need to go into that area again but I will take the opportunity to indulge in some reflection.

I started this blog at the beginning of the year after finding PF blogging while surfing. Since then, it has certainly been a journey with many twists and turns. In the beginning I wrote purely about my own finances and focused on goals like early retirement and reaching $1 million net worth. Lately, these topics have been less of a focus as I try to learn to analyze stocks and make some new investments.

One of the major decisions that I made about my blog was to be absolutely anonymous and absolutely open about my finances. By posting my net worth each month for the world to see, I was able to feel like there was nothing left that was taboo. It was what drew me to this world in the first place and it is still one of my favorite things about it.

I have used this blog to keep me accountable about various things - some more successfully than others. It has also helped me to sort out my thoughts on important issues, because you can't write about something without thinking more clearly about it. I have had other milestones too, such as recently hosting the Second Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs.

As I look forward, I know that my blog will continue to grow and change. I still have many avenues to explore and the topic of personal finance is an endlessly wide one. Who knows what I might be interested in tomorrow?

And finally, I would like to thank those who read and comment on this blog. It is your participation that builds a sense of community and extends my thinking in new directions.

Here's to the next 100 posts!


Middle Class Millionaire said...

Congratulations on hitting the big 100! Keep up the good work!

MCM said...

Congrats on reaching the 100 post mark!


Mike said...

Congrats! Keep up the great work!

ps your quote of the day made me laugh. said...

You write very well. Congrats on the 100th post too.

Luc said...

I'd like to raise a toast to $1M by the 200th post!

Denise said...


It's me, Denise again. I noticed that you stopped putting in your billable and non-billable hours! =)

Hope you are still keeping in track with making sure you bill all those invoices.

I read your blog for inspiration. Thanks for being a source of insipiration and motivation.


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