Thursday, March 29

Crap at work

Thanks to s.b. and canadian dream for their encouragement after my terrible day yesterday. Both of them pointed out that developing your interests and focus outside of work is a very good antidote for dealing with crap at work. Wise advice, indeed.

It also fits with advice that canadian dream was giving earlier about retiring happy. To put it in other words, hating work is not enough to guarantee loving retirement.

I never thought I could be one of those people with no life outside of work. I have always had lots of interests and I still do. But certainly work is interfering with those interests more and more often these days. Sometimes I have been so tired that I have wanted to leave my evenings and weekends completely free. But staying at home and doing nothing doesn't make for an enjoyable evening, and when I do this I usually end up regretting it. Actually, going to a class last night was very helpful in keeping my mind off my troubles.

I know that troubles will come, and sometimes the only thing to do is to just get through them. Life is just like retirement savings. You don't solve all your problems in one day, but if you keep doing the right things then it keeps improving little by little. And I'm not giving up!


Nancy said...

I'm glad you haven't moved to australia! (If I correctly identified the title of your last post).

Hey .. a bit of feedback counter to whatever made your work so horrible (at least yesterday):

1. You write wonderfully. I continue to be grateful for your blog. I work with a lot of people and their money, and I appreciate that I can point to your, and a few other's blogs, where they can discover they are not alone, in a topic that is so sensitive, and taboo. So thanks for your blog.

2. You have friends (per a previous post of yours) - ultimately, one of the best measures of ourselves as a human - we are capable of making and keeping friendships. That says volumes about you.

3. You are doing really, really well for yourself financially, if your net worth posting is accurate. While it's true money doesn't buy happiness... still, having a significant net worth provides opportunities to do wonderful stuff, for yourself, and for the world around you.

So (said in a Yiddish accent) your work was not so good yesterday? A philosophical shrug: Maybe things are not so bad for you. Aggh! What is your work/who are those people, that they should ruin a marvelous writer's day?

the money diva said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for pointing me to the bright side of things. And you are right - life isn't so bad for me. It takes me a few days to find perspective after something bad happens to me, but I think that I am already coming "down from the ledge", as they say.
Thank you for your support!

p.s. I believe that the moral of the book was that some days are like that, even in Australia. :)