Wednesday, January 17

Week in review

In looking at my blog, I realized that I have been writing it for one week today. Not a major milestone by most standards, but still a good excuse to ask, "What have you done for me lately?"

Since I'm writing this for myself, my real goal is to gain some focus or perspective on my finances and start to move them forward. Good news: I think that blogging about my finances encourages research, decision making and action on my finances. Bad news: I'm still pretty slow to follow through on all my good ideas.

This week has involved a lot of showing my basement suite. Good news: today I found a tenant that I really like who said he'd take it. More good news: I think that I am learning or developing ideas on what works and what doesn't for renting this suite. Bad news: this is a bigger hassle and more time consuming than I hoped.

In addition, I have managed to write daily and to encapsulate some ideas that are pretty important to me. I have started to examine my goals and I believe that this will help show me the next steps that I have to take. I am reading other Personal Finance bloggers every day. And I have a great feeling about all this - I'm really enjoying it!

So onwards and upwards; I'm ready for week #2!