Tuesday, January 16

Frustrations in banking

I hate bank fees! And I have been miserably upset for months since I found out that Bizsmart was closing down. Of course, I still have my wonderful PC Financial for personal, but I am now going to start paying exorbitant service fees for my business accounts and this really upsets me.

However, I had a slightly encouraging experience today when a telephone rep at the new bank (which shall remain nameless but has initials CIBC) actually listened to my tirade, and made an effort to make things happen and in a better and easier way for me. And, I discovered a possible way around some of the fees by using a savings account instead of a chequing account. (With some whining I will be able to get cheques on that account anyway.)

But let me finish my sound off by saying that this "transition" from Bizsmart to CIBC has been the worst comedy of errors that I have ever seen and an excellent example of why sometimes my mattress looks like a good instant teller to me.