Thursday, August 9

Try to cancel... get a deal?!?

I spent 45 minutes on the phone last night with my internet service provider, who happens to also be my phone company. The issue? I wanted to move my phone and cancel my internet. Sounds simple doesn't it?

Well, to cut a long story short it took 45 minutes of talking, on hold time and other garbage, but in the end I was convinced to keep my internet with them due to an offer of $10 off my internet every month for the next year. That's a $120 rentention bonus!

So first of all, this makes me realize just how much money they are making off me, but also it goes to show that a "good" customer does not get the best deals. If I just stay for years with the same provider, they will keep charging me the same rate (or raising it), while at the same time they are extending lower rates to people who try to cancel or change service providers. How unfair!

I suppose that I knew about this practice on some level, but having it happen to me really brought it home that it pays to shop around on everything, all the time. Now, obviously it would be too much work to do this every month, but perhaps a yearly schedule of calling around for better deals would more than compensate for the time you spend on it.

I'm sure that you will have some great examples of this to share. Where are the best (or worst) hidden deals to be found?


nancy (aka money coach) said...

hmm... I just moved to Shaw digital phone, who provides my internet/cable as well. Dare I ask ... is that who you were dealing with? Is that scenario in my future, too? (and should I call and demand $10 off??)

guinness416 said...

The best deal is to never use Bell for anything, ever. I also spent 45 minutes speaking with a rep last night - to try for the umpteenth time to get them to stop billing me for an account that was cancelled 6 months ago. They are the worst company in North America, and possibly the western world.

AGivant said...

Friend of mine is professor of art of bargaining:

1) Calls cell phone company every 6 months, threat to cancel contract, get unlimited for next 6 months. Repeat every 6 months.

2) When he bought something from Sears he called them in few days and said: things is damaged, take it back - got $200 off price, fixed it by knocking with hist fist.

3) Other similar stuff for other service provider.

Seems to me the all like to screw only good people.

Rositta said...

I just scored 4 months free internet from Sympatico. Ever try calling the, they are in India and almost impossible to understand. I also got a $125 credit from Rogers for my cellphone since they messed something up. No if only I had as much luck with Chrysler, boy did they mess up my car, oh well...ciao

AGivant said...

Here is another sample of what I did just few minutes ago: I've bought XBox 360 for my son from Dell few days ago and now they dropped prices $100.

I've called some person of the phone and asked if I eligible for discount, they said "No way!"

Then I've entered to Dell chat and this person helped me with my issue - I'm going get $100 back to my card.

So just ask, it may come to you!

telly said...

I think it helps if you're actually planning to cancel. When I have called to threaten companies a few times, they saw right through me. :(

Anyway, congrats on scoring a deal!

krystalatwork said...

I just called Rogers Wireless about my rate plan, and after about 5 phone calls, finally got a plan that saves me $10/month AND gives me more benefits ... and with no contract extension either.

So I agree, it definitely does pay off in the end to shop around and make sure you're getting the best deal available!

GIV said...

Without a doubt, cellphones.

Cellular companies are so focused on their quotas of number of subscribers that I've often found they care less about how much actual cash they derive from each one.

As long as you are a subscriber for something, that's a win for them. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Cross the River said...

Good morning,

I had a thought for you today.

I called to cancel my Visa credit card and was immediately offered 25$ credit. Threats can sometimes be a good thing.

Grad Student said...
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Grad Student said...

That is funny, same thing happened to me at the same time.

I posted my experience here.

I had a friend who worked for Bell Canada phone support and apparently, 20% is the amount they are willing to cut if you threaten to leave. That would be something interesting to test!

Loan Modification guru said...

well if you are really decided to move your phone line and cut your internet services NOBODY can stop you though

Daniel Hanzelka said...

I advise my client to call the provider and ask for the retention department right away. After being with my cell phone provider for 14 years and telling them I was going to cancel my service I was able to negotiate $20 per month off my service with them took me calling back 3 times until I got what I wanted but that does add up after a 3 year contract. Keep on asking until you get what you are happy with.

John Smith said...

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Houses For Sale In Calgary Alberta said...

The best deal is to never use Bell for anything, ever. I also spent 45 minutes speaking with a rep last night - to try for the umpteenth time to get them to stop billing me for an account that was cancelled 6 months ago.