Monday, June 25

What are my goals?

We are reaching the midpoint of the year and it is time to contemplate some goal setting. I am not going to focus on net worth goals for the next while, because of my career change. This is a big shift for me in so many ways, and I'm still playing catch up on the implications. I need to look at getting back to basics which were somewhat obscured when my earnings were higher.

Goal #1 - A New Career
This will probably resemble a financial setback, but I am considering it an investment in myself and my future career satisfaction. I need to come up with a strategic plan for this change so that I consider all the angles and know exactly how to proceed. I am going to try to change careers without minimal negative impact on my net worth, although that may be very difficult if I take further education. I am hoping to keep one of my part time contracts going until the time that I am ready for a full switch.

Goal #2 - Financial Administration
I hate to admit it, but I have become very slack about taking care of my finances. I have a "few" unpaid parking tickets that I need to take care of, I have a vacant room in my basement that is not generating revenue for me, and I still have not tracked my finances in detail for a month like I wanted to. I am aiming to take care of these three things in particular and to improve my administration skills in general this summer.

Goal #3 - Work on Monthly Expenses to Reduce Cash Flow
The house is killing me with something new every month, but I know that there is a way to get this under control. I need to do some expense tracking (ties in with #2 above) and figure out where the leaks are....

This summer is also going to be a period of rest and not pushing too hard. I think I got a bit burnt out and I'm ready to slow things down. So my goals are fairly modest right now, but will give me a framework to focus on.

2 comments: said...

I'm sure this blog will help to keep you motivated. People expect you to post, so might as well post about your daily financial activities. :)

Promod said...

"... without minimal negative impact ..." = with minimal impact?

Never had much luck with double (or triple negatives)!