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The Second (EVER!) Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs

And here it is... the one you've all been waiting for:
The Second (EVER!) Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs

Thank you so much for visiting! I am known as "The Money Diva" (although this is not my real name), and it is my great pleasure to host this tour which will take you around to some of the best Canadian PF blogs, many of which I read daily myself. Over the past couple of days the submissions have been pouring in and I have been consistently impressed by the knowledge and effort that my fellow bloggers have put into their posts.

I have organized the tour around which aspect of personal finance the post addresses and we got a great range. As a reminder, many of these blogs cover more than one area of personal finance and I encourage you to go back to the ones you like for new content after the Tour.

Now Here's The Tour!!

Spending, Saving and Daily Personal Finances

  • You, Your Partner, Your Money and the Great Big Fight
    posted Nancy Zimmerman of Your Money By Design
    Provides three very good pieces of advice about an area that can be very tricky. A must-read for anyone with money conflict in their relationship!
  • Paying Attention to your Finances
    posted by Ellen Roseman at Ellen Roseman: On Your Side
    Ellen hopes we do better than her 20 year old son, who doesn't care about money yet. She identifies new areas, beyond Starbucks, that we may be wasting money and losing our ability to save.

Consumer Topics

  • Improve Your Credit Score
    posted at Thicken My Wallet
    A detailed look and why this is important and how to work on it. After reading this post (in two parts) you will have the tools you need to improve your own credit score.
  • Compensation of Financial Advisors - A Middle Class Rant V
    posted at Middle Class Millionaire
    MCM continues his Middle Class Rant series with this great post. For those who think that advisors are unfairly becoming the whipping boys of the PF blogosphere, here is a more balanced perspective on things. I think that I may have to join the discussion on this one!

Risk and Insurance

  • The Four Financial Risks
    posted by Promod Sharma at Riscario
    Promod is an actuary by profession and brings a very informed perspective to this topic. He helps us understand the four main risks that insurance is designed to address, and the choices that we all have to make to manage these risks. This is a very accessible introduction to a topic that is sometimes scary. He even includes a picture!
  • Life Insurance is the Defensive Personal Finance Strategy with Personal Finance
    posted by Monty Loree at Quality Life Insurance
    This post shows you the role that life insurance plays in an overall personal finance strategy. Monty examines risks a bit differently than Promod (above) to further fill in the details. A great hockey analogy makes this post easy to relate to!

Asset Allocation

  • Analyzing my Current Asset Allocation
    posted by Canadian Dream at Canadian Dream: Free at 45
    I am big fan of the learning that comes from seeing details of other people's actual finances, which anonymous blogging allows. For the Tour, Canadian Dream looks at where his money is invested and discovers that his asset allocation contains some surprises. Posts like this always inspire me to examine my own finances from a new angle!
  • Portfolio Magic ... 3+1 = 5!
    posted by Outroupistache at Canadian Financial DIY
    Here is an interesting post that suggests that good asset allocation can accomplish what we all want - to maximize portfolio returns while minimizing volatility! Outruopistache includes examples and relevant links to help you acheive the benefit of correctly implementing this strategy.


  • How to Assess Hot Stock Tips
    posted at Investoid
    They say you can tell a bubble when you are getting tips from the cashier at 7-11. But never fear, Investoid is here to help you separate the lead from the gold! This article is solidly informative and useful, with a touch of humour about those situations that we each may recognize. :)
  • Low Fee Mutual Funds
    posted at Canadian Capitalist
    It is impossible to predict how a mutual fund will perform in the future but two characteristics correlate highly with odds that a fund will perform well relative to its index: low-cost and low-turnover. This post seeks Canadian Equity funds that have costs that are much lower than the average.
  • How Segregated Funds Work
    posted by Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey
    If the words "Segregated Fund" are greek to you, then this post is the answer. Frugal Trader avoids jargon and clearly explains what it is, how to buy it, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Dividend Paying Stocks – The Holy Grail?
    posted by Average Joe at Investment Jungle
    This post looks at a topic that has been dominant on my blog lately - dividend stocks - and asks whether they live up to the hype. Joe identifies some reasons that good companies may not issue dividends and also some possible challenges in a dividend strategy.
  • Don’t Steal My Ideas - Where I find stock ideas and how I evaluate them
    posted by NonyMous at Canadian Economy, Commodities And Mining Stocks Through a Fundamental Lens - Wolf Stone
    This article discusses how piggybacking on the holdings of investment managers you admire can be a valid way to build a watchlist and/or portfolio. A great idea if you are searching for a way for the small investor to thrive without an in-house research department!

Retirement Planning

  • Top 10 Exciting Semi-Retirement Jobs
    posted by Financial Jungle Guy at Financial Jungle
    This is the mystery post in the group. Financial Jungle Guy was working SO HARD on this post that he needed more time on the weekend to complete it and I haven't seen a draft in advance. The title certainly piques my interest though, and I know that I will be checking it out as soon as it's up on Monday!

Remember to comment, bookmark and link to posts and blogs that you like!

The purpose of this tour is to help people find all the great blogging that is available in this area. Some of these bloggers are relatively new and others have been blogging for quite some time. We represent a variety of backgrounds, philosophy and experience. We all know and like each other, even though sometimes we get into heated arguments (FT and CC!). I hope that you enjoy this tour as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

And be sure to visit Canadian Capitalist's blog on May 22 for the THIRD (ever) Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs.

Thanks again for visiting! Hope to see you again soon....

The Money Diva

p.s. Bloggers - I have linked to your home page to begin with and I will change to permalinks later today. Thanks! MD :)


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Oh marvelous. All participants submitted their drafts except I? I'm re-living my high school moments all over again.

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Fortunately your future does not depend on this tour in any way, shape or form. ROTFL. :)

Canadian Dream said...


Thanks for the great work. The tour looks great!


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Great job with the summaries. You have a definite talent there. Off to read some of those juicy posts.

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Nicely Done! Very well organized..
I'm off to visit everyone's posts now.

Thanks again.

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I agree with outroupistache. Excellent summaries.


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Excellent summary, Money Diva. How do you do it? You must be a natural borne host.

Financial Jungle Guy

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Thanks for all the compliments, everyone! I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the tour!!


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