Tuesday, May 1

April Net Worth Update

April is the cruellest month. - T.S. Eliot (The Wasteland)

Sometimes you have to have a sense of humour about yourself. April was not a very productive month for me in many ways. Maybe I spent too much time blogging, or maybe I was just lazy, but my consulting income was definitely down. Not only that, I didn't finish my project to track every penny that I spent in April; I fell off the wagon by the middle of the month! What a failure!!

So to make up for all this dreadful laziness, I decided to increase the valuation of my house. ;)

No, seriously, I had a good reason for that. But it does look rather suspicious that my house valuation came to save me from an otherwise ugly month. One comment that I will mention is that I included a $7000 tax liability this month, even though I won't pay it until May. So the month wouldn't be quite so ugly if that wasn't in there.

Anyway, the official number is $656,100. So enough about this topic. Next month should be better! Or else I'll have to raise my house value again.... :)