Thursday, April 19


Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey has tagged me to admit to my most obsessive thoughts. As per his post, I'm sure that no one is surprised that personal finance bloggers are obsessed with money and financially related thoughts. Here are my four:

  1. Real estate/my house
    I visit almost daily and I always know what's for sale in my neighbourhood. I am constantly analyzing for comparison to my house and estimating its value. I also spend a lot of time thinking about home improvements, my tenants downstairs and organizing/furnishing/decorating.
  2. Blogging/money
    You can't write almost daily posts without thinking about your blog and its topic a lot. No more to say on this, my posts cover the details!
  3. The future
    The real reason that I care about money is because I care about the future. I have a strong need to be able to take care of myself, and to feel secure. My thoughts about the future also extend to specific plans and details, as well as general philisophical musings.
  4. Self improvement
    This may be the only surprise on the list. I am always making resolutions and plans, reading books and talking to people about various topics so that I can improve myself in some way. I also love taking courses that make me feel like I know something new.

And there you have it. I now get the right to tag other bloggers and I will pick two regular commenters: m00m and Canadian Money. Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled program. :)


nancy (aka 'money coach') said...

Smile - I remember when I bought my condo, I discovered interests I never knew I had: I animatedly asked other people about THEIR hardwood; I figured out, happily, how to fix my own garburator; and yes, I would deliberately do my runs through Strathcona, the neighbourhood a few blocks away, specifically to keep right on top of what houses were selling for what price, and how long they were on the market.

So I relate to the MLS obsession! Mine faded - displaced by my business (now I'm obsessed with web 2.0 stuff).

cheers -