Monday, April 9

My First Tour

Canadian Tour of Personal Finance blogs.

Well, I have agreed to participate in the first ever Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs. This is my first time participating in something like this, and as soon as I agreed I started to panic. What if I don't have anything useful to write about and contribute?

The tour takes place next Monday, April 16th and when it is up I will highlight any interesting articles that jump out at me. It is being hosted by Monty Loree of so you will able to see the complete tour at his site.

My understanding of these events is that the host basically rounds up articles from bloggers and reviews them and lists them on his site. Then, participants and guests can tour around to visit sites that they might not ordinarily read. It's really a way for bloggers and readers to survey a variety of sites on a single subject.

So I will be spending the next few days racking my brain for some topic worthy of such an illustrious event. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to submit it. I need to submit my article by friday the 13th *shiver* so I guess that I will have to get on top of this fairly soon.


Monty Loree said...

Hey Money Diva,
Thanks for participating.

I get a sense that you have a great deal of experience with investing and that you have alot to offer.

Keep in mind that this is a way to share your experience with others. It's also a way to show case your site.

I'm sure you're going to do a great job!!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Some suggestions for topics:
-Five tips to investing.
-Why patience is good for investing
-Long Term vs short term.