Thursday, April 26

I'm Famous!

Canadian Capitalist just posted on the New Batch of Canadian Money Blogs and my blog was very kindly included. Thanks for the plug, CC!!

If you are a first time visitor here, welcome to my blog! You may want to check out the series on dividend investing that I have been working on. I am not experienced in this area, so the posts detail my work on understanding and analyzing dividend stocks. The latest posting has links to all the others.

If you enjoy my blog please bookmark it or subscribe to the feed. Have a great day!


Promod said...

Recognition is nice, isn't it? My site was also listed (Riscario Insider at

It feels weird to get visitors directed from another blog. There really *is* a community.

Your site is interesting. Good luck with your journey.

the money diva said...

Thanks for visiting, Promod. Our community is indeed alive and well!