Friday, April 27

The High Cost of Spring

The weather has been nice of late, so I finally decided to take a look at my yard and what it needs. Since I have owned the house for less than a year, this is the first time that I have taken this inventory and it was somewhat of a rude awakening!

First off, the yard is HUGE and I am single with no kids - i.e., no secondary sources of free labour. I think that I had forgotten just how big it was, and now I'm thinking that I will definitely need to hire some help to get it whipped into shape. Here are some ways that I could spend money outdoors this season:

  • spring clean up - raking, trimming, clearing out beds, etc.
  • lawn fix up - seed/sod/aeration... I'm not sure what it needs
  • fertilization and weed control - I already signed up for this, it's not too expensive
  • the deck! - it's a disaster and replacing it would costs thousands. Probably not on this year's list
  • the roof, the hedges, windows, painting the house and many other expensive but lower priority items

*GULP* I think I should have purchased a condo. :(

Oh well, one thing at a time and it doesn't all have to be done this year. It's a good reminder that real estate isn't all about making money - there is spending to be done too!


Monty Loree said...

I've heard it said that if your time is worth $200 you should hire $15 per hour people to do the yard work etc.

I have to question that.. As I get older, the enjoyment in life IS doing the yard work!!

Economically it doesn't make sense sometimes, however, isn't joy and peace of mind good for business as well?!!

the money diva said...

My problem is that I only enjoy about one hour of yard work at a time, which is not enough to make it through a large yard.

Maybe I need to work on enjoying it more? :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Luc said...

I think I should have purchased a condo

or, you could start investing in secondary sources of free labour Enjoy the spring!

the money diva said...

luc... there are many kinds of investing. Some are more fun than others. ;)