Tuesday, March 20

Updates on my Progress

Well, I'm single with no plans to buy a hybrid car soon since I just got a new car, so the new federal budget was a bit of a non-event in my life. In the meantime I am just moving along and trying to improve my life and finances in small ways on a regular basis. So here are some updates on topics that I have covered in this blog so far...

Gift Cards:

  • Since discussing the unused gift cards issue I have managed to use my collection for about $100 of spending that I would have done anyway (at Walmart and the grocery store).
  • I have also booked an appointment for a spa treatment that I would not have done anyways, but will be about 50% cheaper than usual thanks to a gift card.
  • I have moved a paper gift certificate onto a card so that I can use it gradually.
  • I called one place where my card was expired and they agreed to honor it anyway!

Hour Tracking and Invoicing

  • I am being quite diligent about writing down my time every day.
  • I have created a list of invoices that are receivable and ones that I need to create and send out.

My House

  • I have started working on the house again, on tasks that I can do myself.
  • My friends helped me to do a few bigger tasks that are a great improvement.

Retirement Planning

  • I have spent some time thinking about this topic and writing some basic posts.
  • I have concluded that I do not want a full retirement, but a gradual reduction in the amount I am working.
  • There is much to do before I have this topic all sorted out.

Overall, I still continue to feel that it is beneficial for me to blog about my finances and I am starting to become more comfortable with the fact that this does not mean that I have to make major changes or progress every day.

Today's billable hours: 4.0
Today's contracted hours: 1.5


Canadian Money said...


I always enjoy your posts.

I strongly agree with your basic approach...

"trying to improve my life and finances in small ways on a regular basis".

No doubt about it...a very powerful strategy for improvement.