Tuesday, March 6

Patience and Focus

The advantage of PF blogging is that it keeps me focused on my goals and aware of what I am doing or not doing to move towards them. The disadvantage is that I can look at things too closely, and wish for weekly or even daily progress. Finances don't move smoothly up like that, so such a wish is doomed from the start, and I am therefore doomed to disappointment.

Yes, things are down this month. Markets are down, work is hectic, and my house is still a mess. But I am still on track. I can keep working on things and they will move toward my goals, although not every day.

As a corollary to the above, I think that I need to find a daily focus that is not so strongly on every detail of me and my finances, or I may go crazy. I am going to brainstorm some new topics, to see if a new direction presents itself. So stay tuned... this could get interesting!

Today's billable hours: 8.5
Today's contracted hours: 0


Canadian Dream said...

Keep writing. Trust me I know it gets hard at times. Most blogs die in their first three months and you have done very well to write every week day for this long.

So keep going, it does start to get a bit easier as you hit a rhythm to the writing, but your right about needing to write about other things than just yourself. Use ideas from other blogs and stories from the media.


S. B. said...

Reading your blog brings back memories of my days as a consultant, when each day was focused on "billable hours"!

I must say there is a lot of right thinking about finance in your blog. You have a very intuitive grasp of financial matters. Best of luck to you.

the money diva said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, CD. I find my rhythm comes and goes, and this has been a rather stressful couple of weeks, so with some perserverence and external ideas I am sure I will get back on track!

s.b. - I'm focusing on billable hours to force myself to track them so I don't lose the time (and money) by forgetting about it. But you are correct, this is a big focus in consulting. Thanks for the visit!

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