Friday, March 9

More asset options: Dividend stocks

I have tended to shy clear of individual stocks over the past few years because I seem to have a real talent for losing money that way, but recently I have been thinking about this option again. One version that I like is buying stocks that pay dividends, and will contribute not only to capital growth but also income. So I am currently watching 3 dividend stocks to see if they go "on sale" in the next few months. I will post if I make any moves.

The downside to dividends is that the yield is quite low, so it feels like very little return on investment. In fact, unless the underlying stock also appreciates then it would not be worth it at all. But if I would have been buying stocks anyway, then the modest amount from a dividend stock is still more than from a non-dividend stock.

Another wild card is whether it is worth it to own dividend stocks in my corporate investment account. I will have to add that to the list of questions for my accountant.

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