Saturday, March 31

March Net Worth Update

I updated my March numbers and found myself up by a nice 1.5% increase to $621,700 despite writing off some time that I don't think I will be recovering. I didn't change my accounting to exclude unbilled invoices yet because I decided to do the write offs instead. My main investment account fully recovered from the drop at the beginning of the month and in looking back I see that it has actually gained $10,000 over the past two months. If that was normal I'd be retired now! But it's nice to see the investments accounting for more and more of the growth.

I still have a tonne of money in cash accounts. I just can't seem to bring myself to tie up capital even though I surely don't need nearly that much cash reserve. Also, it's in corporate accounts for the most part, so I can't use it on my mortgage or home improvements. Really the only choice is to invest it, and that requires decision making which seems to be very difficult for me.

Looking forward, I should find out my approximate tax situation in April so that will make a difference. I had a good year last year so I expect that I will have to pay extra. I am hoping that my accountant will find a tax effective way for me to access some funds for home improvements. I am also planning to track my expenses and perhaps control them more in April. I see my earnings slowing down as I wrap up a couple of major projects and work at a more sensible pace.