Tuesday, February 20

Money and the Single Woman

Today I read two articles in two very different places that said that single women were more likely to buy houses than single men. While one article did mention that this was related to the women wanting to have the stability, comfort and creative outlet of a home, both articles also focused on the financial aspect of this move being a draw.

I wondered about this for a while. I own my house (with the bank) and it has been very good for me financially, but I didn't know that it would be so great at the start. In fact, it was very financially stressful for a few months following both times I bought. But I knew that home ownership was a good long run financial decision and that appeal was always there. And really, I figured that everybody knew that and felt that way. So why would men be less drawn to owning a home while they are single?

Anyway, I decided to chalk it up to women being smarter than men :) because I don't really have an answer for it, but it raises some other interesting issues. For example, I know that statistically speaking my net worth is above most other people's of my age group. So that means that I am quite likely to meet men with less money than me as potential dates or mates. Perhaps far less money, and maybe even with debt. That kind of bothers me because I'd like to feel like there was some sort of financial equality in a prospective marriage. I even wonder if I might be more likely to stay single because of my financial status. Ironic...

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