Thursday, February 8

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

As time goes by, I have an increasing amount of respect for those bloggers that turn out a post (some more than one!) every day, especially those that are delivering thoughtful posts and pouring obvious time into it. I have been blogging for less than a month now, and I have already touched upon many of the major topics that have been on my mind with respect to personal finance. I believe that I have reached the point where blogging might become more difficult to keep up.

HOWEVER.... I think that the things that you work on and put your best efforts into learning about and do as well as you possibly can always pay off. Also, when you are paying attention to something on a regular, even daily, basis it is less likely to turn into a big problem without you noticing. In other words, I see significant benefits available to those who are diligent about keeping in close touch with their finances, whether through blogging or some other means.

And I also feel that in reaching this point, I am now forced to dig deeper. I will need to examine issues that I have not considered before or go into my standard questions in more detail. Either way, I hope that I come out the other side a wiser person.

And keeping track of my hours has almost become a habit now. That is absolutely wonderful!

Today's billable hours: 5.5
Today's contracted hours: 1.5