Tuesday, January 30

A Worthy Goal: Finding Lost Money II

While not tracking my time is the first and greatest sin, the second (to use the biblical phrase) is like unto it: I do not submit my invoices in a timely manner. In fact, I currently estimate that I could submit at least $7,000 of invoicing up to DECEMBER 31, 2006! Possibly more!

Are you shocked yet??

My problem is that once I am too far behind on my time recording, invoicing itself becomes a chore. And the further behind I am on invoicing the more I avoid it. And eventually I end up writing off (by virtue of never invoicing) money that I am fully entitled to! Only a crazy person would do this, right? Well, allow me to introduce myself....

So my top two income boosters for the year are obvious, and yet so difficult for me. What a ridiculous situation!

Anyway, no more bashing myself over past failures. I am going to pledge to do better. Much better. After all, this is for my retirement. My goal is to do one invoice per day until I am all caught up. Tonight I will even go one better and write up my 2007 contract and 12 monthly invoices for my fixed rate contract!

Today's billable hours: 8.5
Today's contracted hours: 0.0


Re: money said...

I still have some unbilled projects from 10 months back (not much, but not like I can't use the $3,000).

Laziness in the extreme! I guess a point comes after the basic needs are satisfied you don't really feel as motivated to invoice :) It really becomes a chore.

Very happy to find out I'm not the only one with this habit of late invoicing.