Friday, January 19

Real Estate Ramblings

Well, I have a deposit and signed 3 month lease from my new tenant now and I have a really good feeling about him. Because of family issues that are taking up a lot of my time I have decided not to look for another tenant for February 1st. I might look for March 1st depending on how things go.

The basement suite has three rooms in it and I could make the most money by renting out all three rooms, but after having such bad luck with my last tenants I am quite a bit more cautious about who I have down there and how loud things will be. After all, I live upstairs, so it matters more personally to me than it would if I were renting the upstairs out as well. I'm toying with the idea of only renting out two rooms down there and keeping the third as a storage room. Any amount of rent from downstairs is helpful of course, and my sanity is very important in this equation. Also, having bad tenants has cost me a lot of time and money in both obvious and less obvious ways, so if I can save myself from that hassle it will be worth the lower rental income.

Anyway, the countdown to the bad tenants leaving is nearly on. I am so anxious to see them go that I think I would almost pay to see it happen. I just hope that nothing bad happens and they don't do any damage in the last few days or during the move!