Sunday, January 28

Net Worth IQ and Round Numbers

Today I added Net Worth IQ to my blog and entered selected net worth history back to 2004. Some of the earliest numbers are just rough estimates, but it is nice to see how things have changed for me over the last few years. My March 2004 number, the earliest one I entered, is $114,500. I actually found a spreadsheet on my computer for June/July 2002 which shows my net worth at around $90,000 but Net Worth IQ wouldn't let me go back that far.

I also thought I'd just mention my use of round numbers on this blog. I'm not using round numbers to hide the actual values. I'm using them because I think that anything less than $100 is a rounding error on most of the calculations I'm doing. For example, in net worth calculations I have to estimate the value of several line items including my house, which could be off by thousands of dollars, so being accurate to the penny about the total is never possible. I figure that hundreds are a good stopping point for this purpose, but if the smaller numbers matter in some other context I would definitely include them.